Sunday, February 20, 2005

The experiment of Tibet in Iran

One of the most alienating region in China, besides Taiwan, is Tibet. Since the fleeing Dalai Lama, the Chinese government has revolutionized the life of Tibetan. With high mobile penetration, sophisticated subway system, heavy subsidized electricity bills, it has been created as a place which welcomes by the people there.
The narrowing of disparity in religions, Muslim and Christianity, seems remain stagnant. However, China demonstrated that besides the pursuing of the goals in region, the basic instinct to live better is the same everywhere.
The success of Tibet can be applied in Iran - and even other Muslim countries. The promotion of prosperity in Iran contrasts the elevating devastations in Iraq. We learn that the rise of China bring peace rather than threat to the world.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Chinese diplomacy vs US (2)

Since US need to focus soley on the war against Terriorism after 911, China takes a center stage in stabilizing regional geopolitics in different areas.
1) Pakistan
2) N. Korea
Pakistan is an important ally of China. In confronting the Taliban and other infidels in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pakistan efforts to locate and arrest them become a decisive ingredient. China always come up to support Pakistan against India on the conflicts over Kashmir.

N. Korea has nuclear weapons on its own cititation. Since it remains an instability in the North East Asia, South Korea and - Japan has always demand the US to take part in disarming of the bomb. N. Korea has received remedy from China and knows that China is the only country to rely on in this world stage.

To the US dismay, it still relies on China in stabilizing frontiers from these areas, so as to concentrate on the war against terriorism. (... to be continued)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Chinese diplomacy vs US (1)

This may be difficult to sum up the entire relationship between this two countries. But a brief introduction between them is a good perspective to unveil the world drama. Since the meltdown of the USSR in the late 90s, the shattered Russia transformed to a vulnerable country under the ruling of Boris Yelsin. Its influences falter from the military and economics side. This is what Ronald Reagan achieved to crack the Siberian bear down without firing a bullet. This seems straying away from our focus of China and US.
Actually this is not. It is politically correct to find an foe or a liable one to unite the nation so as to divert the local problems or build an alignment of goal. China is supposed to be the next big player in the foreseeable future. It is of US interest to curb what would likely to come to establish as a formidable challenge. Everything was or might be on the plan after inauguration of George w. Bush.
This may initially rise up as the hurdles for China's road to prosperity. The 911-atrocity, however, alter the strategy of what was originally pinned down. The foremost enemy of US is no longer China but terriorism. (to be continued...)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Zhao Ziyang - 18 Jan, 2005

The death in January 1976 of premier Zhou Enlai led to an outpouring of grief and protests on Tiananmen Square. The passing of reformist party chief Hu Yaobang in April 1989 triggered the demonstrations that the army massacre followed. The Central Government always concerns with the aftershocks of the pass away of the important leaders. The Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily placed the headline of the death a week before. This leaded to credible thought that the news is channeled by the Central Government to test the public sentiment of this news. Should he be died or in criticial condition at that time remained a puzzle.